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Extended Learning


Extended Learning Opportunities We believe that extended learning, sometimes also called extra-curricular, opportunities, play a key role in the development of our children. We seek to provide as many opportunities as we can for children to extend their learning and discover and celebrate their talents and interests.

Club choices should be indicated on the half-termly Club letter and handed in to the School Office.

Extended Learning

When we talk about Extended Learning, this encompasses learning that takes place outside the routine of school. Sometimes this will involve activities that enhance learning within the traditional school day, for example school trips or visitors in school. Sometimes this will happen outside the traditional school day, for example after-school clubs, breakfast club and lunchtime activities.

During their time at Aughton Junior Academy we would also like every child to have the opportunity to participate regularly in school shows, performances and other events that share their talents with the school community. The ACET Primary schools take part in a number of joint events, for example, Y1 Athletics, Y4 Shakespeare Production, Y5 ‘Spag-tacular’ event, Y3 Orienteering, and many more. Specific class events are held to encourage parent/carer involvement, for example Foundation Stage Teddy Bear’s Picnic and the Y1/2 Medieval Banquet.

Annual school performance take place in each Key Stage, where those with a flair for drama and singing, get a chance to shine. Every year the

choir sings at the local Residential home and at the Sheffield Arena in Young Voices to share their talents with the local community. The choir have also sung at the Albert Hall in London.

Extended learning opportunities outside the school day are provided by both staff, ACET staff and an external provider. These activities, which are optional, are often targeted at specific age groups and have a limited number of places. All are free to take part in. These extended learning opportunities include sport, dance, art, craft, science and many more, new activities are regularly added to the menu. Each half term a menu of options is sent home, so that children can apply for places, and the latest timetable of opportunities is available on the website and in the school Reception.

Educational Visits

Educational visits are frequently arranged to enhance and extend the children’s learning. Parents and carers will be informed about these trips with as much notice as possible, although sometimes opportunities will present themselves at shorter notice. Although some trips are free, many will involve costs and in this case parents and carers will be asked for a voluntary contribution (please see below).

During their time at Aughton Junior Academy, children will also have the opportunity to take part in residential visits. The Y6 children have a residential visit in June. We believe that residential visits offer children a fantastic opportunity and experience and we are very grateful to the commitment of our staff in making them possible.

Charging Policy

Under the terms of the Education Reform Act 1988, schools are not allowed to charge for activities offered to pupils during the school day, though the school may ask for voluntary contributions. If your child’s class is involved in an educational visit, parents will be asked if they are prepared to make a voluntary contribution. It will be made clear whether the visit is dependent upon voluntary contributions being made. If the visit takes place, all children in the class will go, whether or not the parents have made a voluntary contribution.