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Year 1


Miss Fairham  



Our quad in Year 1 is based on the book Rumble in the Jungle.

Rumble in the Jungle is about all of the different animals that we see in a jungle.

We have also spoken about the different qualities each animal has that makes them unique.

Children have been able to recognise they are all unique too, just like the animals in our story!




In art we have been looking at why we wear poppies.

We learnt that we wear poppies in November for Remembrance Day to remember the soldiers who have died in the war.

We then worked hard to design our own poppies using red, green and black tissue paper.






In history the children have been looking at why we have Remembrance Day.

We looked at recruitment posters people saw during WW1 and how people may have felt if they saw those posters.

We then looked at a map of the main trench line between France and Germany and discussed how far away it is from where we lived.

As a class we spoke about how soldiers would keep in touch with their loved ones because they wouldn’t have had any phones.

We saw examples of letters loved ones sent to soldiers and talked about the Princess Mary gift box that soldiers received at Christmas.

We then spoke about what we would send our loved ones and how this is different.

In groups the children then acted out looking at a recruitment poster, receiving a Princess Mary gift box and writing a letter to our loved ones.