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Year 3


Miss S Close



The Year 3 reading corner is themed on the book Sky Chasers by Emma Carroll.

Our children can step inside the basket to be taken up in to the skies and wherever their imagination takes them to.

There are a variety of different books the children can read from to create the love of reading.





In Art, we learnt about Paul Klee, an artist who grew up in Switzerland with his family.

We studied some of his most famous pieces of artwork including The Castle and The Sun (1928), Senecio (1922) and The Balloon (1922).

We were very interested to find all about Klee’s style and noticed that he often uses block of colour to create abstract pictures including hidden objects, letters and numbers.

We recreated some of Klee’s artwork using a range of materials to create different effects e.g. wax crayon and watercolours, pastel and paints.




We are very proud of the writing we have done in Year 3 during the Autumn Term based on our class text ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.

We have written recounts in the style of a diary – from the perspective of Mr Fox and instructions on how to escape the pesky farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

Within our writing we have been focussing on many important features such as using Year 3 punctuation, powerful verbs, a range of tenses, adverbs, interesting adjectives, 1st and 3rd person and imperative verbs.

Our presentation is improving beautifully and we are very proud of the work we have produced!

As part of our English unit, we also incorporated some art work and drew symmetrical pictures of the main character in the story.