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Year 4


Miss Robinson



Our Reading area focus book is The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Phillip Pullman.

Our reading corner is in the shape of a volcano that the children can get in to, to get lost in their favourite book.

In the story Lila, the daughter of the firework maker, goes on a journey to find the Fire Fiend at the Volcano on Mount Merapi.  




For our Science block we have been exploring electricity in Year 4.
We began by looking at what electricity is and how it is powered by the mains and battery power.
Miss Robinson set us a challenge to make a circuit without instructions with just a cell, 2 wires and a bulb. It took the first pair 3 minutes to light up their bulb! Then we had an investigation task to test different materials to see if they were a conductor or an insulator. We found that the metal materials were conductors and the non metal materials were insulators so the electricity could not flow through them. We used our circuits to test each material. 
Next we made a steady hand game using some wire and card for the structure and a buzzer. We had to work out how to create the wire structure, how to connect the handle and make sure the circuit was continuous. 
Next we explored switches and what they are used for on appliances. We then made our own switch to put in the circuit to turn it on with a closed switch and off with an open switch to break the flow of electric.