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Year 6


Miss Pegg




This year the Year 6 classroom is based around the book 'Circus Mirandus'.

Our reading corner has been designed as a circus tent.

Reading books have been arranged into red and yellowed coloured baskets all organised into the appropriate genres for easy access - we encourage children to read a wide variety of different genres.

Children are encouraged to take time to read within the reading corner in order to 'escape from reality' and enter a world of fantasy (or fiction!)





In Year 6 our artist of the term is 'Marc Chagall' a Russian/French surrealist artist know as the 'painter of dreams'.

After studying some of his work we decided to look into surrealism as a whole, recognising similarities when comparing him to other artists of the same movement - including Salvidor Dali and Rene Magritte.

From this, we then decided to take this concept and adapt surrealism incorporating our own modern twist. Experimenting with collage, this is some of the artwork we came up with.

I'm sure you will be impressed! - Miss Pegg certainly was!