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Anti Bullying


The Anti-Bullying Company & RoSIS hosted the 'Make Some Noise about Bullying' event at Gullivers in November. Our Y6, Y5 and Y4 Aughton Ambassadors attended the event to collect our GOLD AWARD! We have worked incredibly hard over the last year with Ann-Foxley-Johnson from the Anti-Bullying company and our pupils in the academy to talk and learn about bullying and how we can prevent it in our academy. We were one of the 4 primary academies in Rotherham to achieve the Gold Award this year. 

During the event, pupils were trained to be Upstanders, taking part in a forum theatre created by Rotherham College, (just for us) and took part in a creation station to promote the Anti-Bullying week theme. 

Ann Foxley-Johnson - Online Bullying Workshops on Monday 6th March

Ann came and delivered a session with the children regarding online bullying which required the pupils to think about the impact of their words in person and online. The children worked together to generate lists of positive words they could use. 

A parent session was then delivered by Ann about How To Keep Safe Online via Zoom. Stop Speak Support