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At Aughton Junior Academy, we believe that art should be taught as an integral part of children’s education; making cross curricular links with other national curriculum subjects wherever possible. For us, the Art curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to develop ways in which they are able to share and express individual creativity, whilst being inspired by famous and local artists and exploring different media.

We believe that Art enhances a child’s personal development with creativity, independence, and self-reflection. While also enabling pupils to develop a natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them and therefore links strongly to our school values. Our focus is to develop confidence and skills within sketching, painting, understanding colour and shade and sculpture, collage, 3D modelling and much more. Acquiring a wide range of techniques inspired by termly inspirational artists, including; Banksy, Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh and many, many more. 

 Have a look at our whole school art display, focusing on the progression of printing skills throughout school.