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Striving for






At Aughton Junior Academy, the skill of reading is threaded throughout our curriculum. If children can read, they can access any part of the curriculum which is why we hold this at the heart of our curriculum design. By the time your child leaves Aughton Junior Academy ready for their next journey in education, we want them to be a confident and fluent reader equipped with all the skills to succeed in secondary school and beyond.

The skill of reading sits hand in hand with speaking and listening, phonics and writing within our English curriculum, alongside skills specific knowledge in all curriculum areas.

We want our pupils to love reading and be motivated to read a range of texts, ask questions about the vocabulary and context of what they are reading to develop the curiosity around words and what the author has set out to create.

Celebrating English in the Academy - We celebrate our incredible reading and writing through awards in our Show and Shine assembly each week with the awards – Red Hot Reader, Fantastic Phonics and Superstar Speller.