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Home Learning

Home Learning

Our holistic and well-rounded approach towards education provides an exceptional foundation for life-long learning and we ensure that each child has the opportunity to grow in self-confidence and academic success so that they leave our school with fond memories and fully prepared for the next stage of their education. At Aughton Junior Academy we take pride in facilitating positive relationships between home and school and recognise its paramountcy in supporting children’s overall development and wellbeing. As such, our home learning aims to not only support academic achievement but also promote a positive, fun, and curious attitude towards learning.

Partnership with parents

Following the homework questionnaire sent out to parents we have gathered parent voice to inform the view of parents at AJA. We have received extremely positive feedback from these. We thank you for your continued support and co-operation.

Google classroom information

Every child at Aughton Junior Academy has access to Google classroom. This is where we share home learning, videos, and pictures. If you are having any problems at all accessing Google Classroom with your child, please do get in touch and we will support you with this. 

Google classroom has been a wonderful tool to share learning, create new documents and pictures between home and school to strengthen our partnership.

Homework expectations

At Aughton, children have weekly spellings and times tables to practise. To make it engaging we each child has an individual log in to Spelling Shed and TTRockstars.

Our teachers set class and individual challenges for the children who work towards the school, regional, national and worldwide league!


Children bring home reading books matched to their phonics level to read to parents and carers, as well as a Love to Read book which parents and carers can read to their child for enjoyment. Each child has their own reading diary, offering them an opportunity to work towards achieving a specific ‘reading challenge’. This being our whole school initiative of a ‘dip in the box’ at the end of six weeks. We ask that you read 4 times a week with your child in order for them to achieve this goal. In school the children read a phonetically decodable book that matches their current phonics level. At home we send children with a book a level below in order for them to be able to sound out and blend the words independently.

Other useful websites for fun activities and learning

We have collected a number of additional resources and websites that may be useful to support your child’s learning whilst at home. Please be aware these websites are separate from the school and are not managed by us. - BBC Bitesize - Educational games - Phonics activities - Super Movers - Movement activities - Yoga for children