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At Aughton Junior Academy, we want to promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing of all our pupils and staff. Our aim is to support pupils to feel a sense of belonging, be able to regulate and understand their emotions while developing resilience. We want to work in partnership with you as the families of the pupils of Aughton.

In our academy, Mrs Hartley is our Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader. 

As part of our curriculum design and RSHE curriculum, we provide opportunities for pupils to talk about their feelings to enable the children to be heard and share their views and opinions in a supportive way.

Here are some examples of how we do this in school;

Talk Time | RSHE Lesson | School Council | Pupil Voice | Wellbeing Bingo

We know from research that once pupil’s sense of belonging and trust develops, their confidence and self-esteem will continue to grow. When they grow in confidence, they will engage in learning and understand their own skills and abilities and how to extend them.

By raising self‐esteem, and with it gaining an improved understanding of themselves as an individual. In turn this helps to build emotional resilience.

Here are some examples of how we support pupils and their self-esteem;

House Points | Show and Shine Assembly | Impeccable Behaviour Reward | Public Speaking Competition | School Council Election

Gong Bath by Julia

After the success of Gong Bath last year as a relaxation tool during the school day, Julia will be coming back to Aughton to deliver 3 sessions across the year.


What is a Gong Bath?

Every Gong Bath is a unique experience, a time just for you, an opportunity to just be.

While laying on the floor, wrapped safely in a blanket, head resting comfortably on a pillow, the body begins to relax and the mind slips into a deep stillness.

The sounds created by the Gong wash over you, enveloping you, creating vibrational ripples. Calming, soothing, vibrational sound. Slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, steadying the breath.


The perfect reset button

Removing stress and anxieties naturally restoring much needed balance to the mind, body and spirit, an opportunity to truly relax.

Gongs need nothing but for you to be receptive in order to fully appreciate their gift. They must be experienced to be understood.


Useful websites for wellbeing

Young Minds -

Children Society -


NHS Funded Mental Health Services in Rotherham

It can be difficult to have conversations around mental health and wellbeing. We want to remove the stigma and support our families to ensure you know where you can find the support you need. 

The NHS provides two services which are free of charge, where you can access counselling, community support and self-help for yourself or young people. Both sites are free, and you can sign up without a referral. 

Kooth is a service for children aged 11-25 which is a funded NHS Mental Health service where children can sign up anonymously.

 Qwell is a service for adults which is a funded NHS Mental Health service where you, as an adult, can sign up anonymously. If you require support for a child who is under the age of 11, you can sign up to Qwell and request support for the child.