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Striving for




Year 3

Mrs Parsons and Mrs Poyzer

In Year 3 this year our reading corner is designed around the text ‘Sandman and the Turtles’, a story about boy who loves his grandfather’s stories but doesn’t believe they are real, until he experiences the Sandman coming to life. We used this idea to create a cosy underwater area, including waves, fishing nets and turtles.

Within the classroom there are a number of resources for the children to access independently including bright, interactive working walls to support children during independent tasks using our ‘Buddy, Book, Board’, 3 before me strategies. All children are able to use these and they are updated regularly to reflect the work we are doing and assist pupils to succeed.

In our classroom, it is vital that all children can access the learning we are doing, progression is paramount. Over the course of the year we learn many concepts within a broad and balanced curriculum; please see our class overview for a full range of learning opportunities that we will cover this term.


In science last term Y3 did an experiment to see how the stems of flowers work. We discovered that the more food colouring you put in the flower's water the more colour ends up on their petals.


In maths this term we have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. We made some shapes using play doh and sticks.