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Welcome to our new website

Aughton Junior Academy

The Aughton academy team very kindly welcomes you to our website. Information is readily available for you to browse at your own leisure; with easy to use menus we provide you with everything you could possibly wish for: from pupil achievements to important documentation. 

The curriculum is broad and balanced, enabling pupils to become actively engaged across all subjects. We pride ourselves with our creativity and unique approaches to teaching; finding new innovative ways to ensure every child becomes a success. We have very high expectations and take pride within our work, which is greatly reflected across the school. Our positive and determined attitude helps boost moral, self-esteem and well-being; creating an overall enjoyable and inclusive learning environment, for all who attend.

Our school ethos at Aughton academy is that of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for pupils and Staff alike.

Teachers have  a right to teach, pupils have a right to learn.


R = Ready to Learn

E = Engaged

S = Suitably dressed and equipped

P = Progress made 

E = Excellent standards of behaviour

C = Consideration for others

T = Tidy learning environment


Since September we have been introducing many changes across school. We hope you view these as a positive step forward in your child’s learning experience.  We firmly believe our Academy is going from strength to strength and the website aims to reflect this.  You, as parents/carers, are the first and foremost educators of your children and we value your support and time that you dedicate to Home Learning and supporting the Academy during events and presentations.  We value your feedback and working in partnership with you.  

Everyone at Aughton Junior Academy has the highest aspirations for your child. We shall welcome them into a warm, caring environment where they are able to grow and become confident and independent. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with both you and your child, providing pupils with the tools they need to become engaged, determined and successful learners.

If you require any further information, please contact the Academy directly using any of the details below.



Aughton Junior Academy

Turnshaw Avenue,
S26 3XQ

Tel: 0114 2873091
Fax: 0114 2876820


E-Mail (Paula Ramsden):

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Chair of Governors:

Catharine Kinsella


Elizabeth Swindells


Vice Principal:
Liz Mattingley



CEO, Aston Community Education Trust (ACET):
Eunice Newton



Everyone at Aughton Junior Academy has the highest aspirations for your child. We will nurture them in a warm, caring environment where they will become confident, independent learners who reach a high standard in learning and enjoy coming to school.